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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer cremation and burial services to veterans and their spouses across the country.

Using our services will typically save your family 40% of the cost of using a traditional funeral firm. Our provider network is made up of licensed funeral directors, many of them veterans themselves.

Part of what makes us unique is the fact we promote the use of Veterans Cemeteries.

All veterans, their spouses and dependent children are entitled to free cemetery spaces and headstone at any VA Cemetery.

To receive a packet of updated veterans benefits simply request it now by clicking in the link.

We are here to serve you just as you served our country. To speak with our staff please call us at 1-800-467-7850.

Q. Explain how Veterans Funeral Care works?
A. We are a full service funeral home, caring for veterans and dependents of veterans. We provide church and graveside funerals almost everywhere in Florida. We should be contacted immediately upon any family members death.

Q. My husband is a veteran and wants to be buried in our National Cemetery. Can I be buried with him?
A. Yes. The veteran and the spouse are buried together.

Q. How are Social Security and Veterans’ benefits handled?
A. We notify both agencies. Social Security pays a lump sum death benefit of $255 directly to the spouse. Veterans receive cash benefits based on disability or other requirements. Please refer to page 4 of this brochure.

Q. We prefer cremation. Do you provide cremation services?
A. Yes. We have a crematory on the premises.

Q. What happens if the death occurs while out of the state?
A. We should be called immediately at 800-467-7850. Our staff will assist your family in making all of the arrangements in the state or country in which you die.

Q. Can I prepay the costs of my arrangements?
A. Yes. All funds are placed in a Trust Account according to the laws of the state of Florida. It makes sense to prepay. You receive a lifetime guarantee that this is all you will ever pay. The interest that is earned offsets price increases resulting from inflation. We have no interest payment plans to make it easy.

Q. How do I make prearrangement with the Veterans Funeral Care?
A. Fill out the registration form and mail it to us with your registration fee of $45. Send a copy of your discharge or DD-214. We will keep your prearrangement in our permanent files. One call to us when you need us is all that is necessary. You can rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of according to your wishes.